How do we comment on the EIR?

Over the next 60 days, beginning on Monday, December 21st, interested parties will have the opportunity to provide comments, written and/or oral, to the Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR). The City of Pasadena, which is the lead agency, will provide a schedule of hearings for residents and interested parties to participate.  Please consult the City’s website at: for more detailed information on schedule and comment opportunities.

If there are “potentially significant” issues surrounding traffic, noise and air, then why go forward with the Festival?

First, an Environmental Impact Report (EIR) is a document intended to inform the public and decision-makers of potentially significant environmental effects of a proposed project AND identify ways in which to minimize, or mitigate, those potential impacts. In the case of the proposed Arroyo Seco Music and Arts Festival Project, none of the potential impacts identified in the draft EIR appear to be inconsistent with existing events, such as UCLA football games, AmericaFest on July 4th, or other annual activities within the Arroyo.

Second, the Festival will provide the Rose Bowl with much needed revenue to maintain the stadium at the level expected by Pasadena residents and enables the Stadium to remain competitive.  The Rose Bowl is the only stadium in America that does not receive a public subsidy. The Festival will help ensure the viability of the Rose Bowl Stadium. It is projected that over the life of the proposed agreement, the Rose Bowl could realize a net revenue of $90 million dollars.

I am very concerned about the Festival’s significant impacts to air quality both within the Arroyo and throughout the region. With such an identified impact, why should we go forward with the Festival?

The impact to air quality caused by the Festival is not inconsistent with the amount of emissions caused by any displacement event that occurs within the Arroyo. Arguably the air quality impact could be even less than any given displacement event because of the aggressive traffic and parking plans being contemplated by the Festival promoter. For example, the draft EIR has determined there will be approximately 4,000 less parking spaces available on the golf course and adjacent parking lots, resulting in less cars driving into the Arroyo, than a typical sold out Rose Bowl event.  Additional information and mitigations will be available as parking and traffic management plans are developed.

Will all neighborhood streets be closed to attendee parking?

A detailed project-specific traffic management plan will be developed, with input from residents, the Pasadena Department of Transportation, the Pasadena Police Department, the Festival promoter (AEG) and the Rose Bowl Operating Company (RBOC). 

How will neighbors get in and out of the neighborhoods on concert days?

Ingress and egress for residents is a priority for the RBOC. Over the past two years many lessons have been learned on how best to improve access for residents. As aforementioned, a detailed traffic management plan will be developed in concert with residents, to develop resident lanes, emergency access, and other efforts to facilitate a consistent flow of neighborhood ingress and egress.

Why is the first year only two days not three?

AEG/Goldenvoice is a global leader in promoting successful events and festivals around the world. Their successful track record and knowledge of the industry is what attracted the RBOC to enter into an agreement with them in the first place. Not unlike some of their other successful events, AEG/Goldenvoice approach is to take a thoughtful approach to building both the Music & Arts Festival brand and client base to ensure the most successful Festival possible.

Will there be police on duty on every neighborhood street?

The RBOC will work with the City of Pasadena, the Pasadena Police Department, and the Pasadena Fire Department to develop a detailed safety, neighborhood management and emergency operations plans that addresses an appropriate level of police and private security personnel.

Why will the event sites remain open until midnight if the last act is over by 11:00 pm?

Given the proposed size of the Festival audience, the concerts will conclude by 11:00 PM with the expectation that the grounds will be closed at midnight.

Will security do a sweep of the entire area each night to ensure no patron is sleeping over?

No overnight camping will be allowed during the Festival.  Festival-goers will be expected to leave the Arroyo at the conclusion of each evening. Both the Security and Neighborhood Management Plans will address the method by which the “no camping” issue will be managed.

What are the next steps in the process?

Now that the City of Pasadena has released the draft EIR, interested parties will have the opportunity over the course of the next sixty (60) days to provide written and oral comment and attend EIR hearings.  Following the conclusion of the written and oral comment period, the City will hold hearings before the Transportation Advisory Committee, the Parks and Recreation Commission, and the City Planning Commission before being heard before the full City Council. A schedule of hearings and dates will be provided on the City’s website,

Who do we call if there are problems during the concert?

Residents are encouraged to call the emergency hotline dedicated to any and all concerns that may arise in the stadium area or neighborhoods related to events on event day. The Rose Bowl Stadium Event Hotline telephone number has been disseminated to all residents. The Resident Hotline number is (626) 397-4141. If residents seek help for a personal emergency, please call 9-1-1.