An Immersive 360˚ Adventure

In 1969, NASA launched its most daring mission in sending astronauts to land on the moon and returning them safely home. As we move towards the 50th anniversary of Neil Armstrong's first steps on the lunar surface, the time has come to tell one of the greatest stories in human history... 

Apollo 11 is a ground-breaking new show with an original story performed by a full cast and presented in the spectaculer luner dome with 40K square feet of video projections. This truly immersive experience take you from the thrill of the countdown to the enormous Saturn V rocket launch and on an unforgettable journey to the moon. 

Event Dates


General Parking is free; upgrade to valet parking is available at checkout. Valet parking is included in VIP ticket packages.



  • Exact accessible seating locations can be purchased online. Click the accessible icon to show available seats.
  • Accessible seating is located in the front row of the LUNAR DOME.
  • All amenities on site are accessible
  • If you prefer, you may also submit your accessible ticket request for any performance by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-833-5-APOLLO Please allow up to 48 hours for calls to be returned.


  • Performances are 90 minutes, no intermission
  • Discounts available for seniors (65 years and older), students (grade school, high school or college, (high school and college students must have valid ID at the theater) and military (must have valid ID at the theater)), subject to availability.
  • The LUNAR DOME is a state-of-the-art, custom-built venue with a 1,600 seat theater for APOLLO 11 – An Immersive 360 ˚ Adventure. For more information about the LUNAR DOME please visit the here
  • The LUNAR DOME opens 60 minutes prior to performance time with full concessions available in the theater lobby
  • The theater opens 30 minutes prior to the performance time.
  • APOLLO 11 is a show suitable for 5 - 95 year old's, but please be aware that the Saturn V Rocket launch is very loud!
  • Parking facilities and pricing varies by venue, please look for that information in the above city information
  • For phone sales, call 1-833-5-APOLLO, for groups of ten or more, call 1-833-9MOON11
  • Please be aware that theatrical smoke, loud noises and flashing lights are used in this production. We recommend people with high sensitivity take necessary precaution


Q. What is APOLLO 11 – An Immersive 360 ˚ Adventure?
A. APOLLO 11 is a truly immersive live theatrical show, presented in the spectacular LUNAR DOME, with an original storyline, cutting edge projection and a full cast.
Q. How long is the show?
A. The show is 90 minutes without an intermission.
Q. What cities will APOLLO 11 be performed in?
A. See above for our upcoming cities.
Q. Are there special effects used in the show?
A. Please be aware that theatrical smoke, loud noises and flashing lights are used in this production. We recommend people with high sensitivity take necessary precautions.
Q. Are the performances seated, or will I be standing?
A. Our audiences will be seated according to their ticketed seating location.
Q. Can I take pictures at APOLLO?
A. Photos and videos are welcomed of our spectacular LUNAR DOME, lobby and the areas outside of the theatre, but photography, recordings and video are not allowed during the performance.
Q. If I am running late for the performance, can I still enter at a later time?
A. Audience members arriving late will be seated at an appropriate time in the production determined by the show