Dec 5, 2011

Rose Bowl renovation progresses in Pasadena - December 05, 2011

Work on the $156 million makeover of the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California, is progressing at a steady pace.

A new press box worth $75 million will form the key design feature of the revamped facility which is currently in progress.The facility has already widened its four south tunnels while installing a new LED video board measuring 78 feet x 30 feet, ad panels, and a scoreboard.

The project will also include widening of four north tunnels, substitution of gates, and creation of four new concession stands. Among other features of the redesigned stadium are construction of new restrooms in the southern portion and creation of a field hedge which will segregate the spectators and the and the playing field. The size of the stadium will be raised to four times its existing size following the makeover. The renovated stadium's premium seat capacity will also be raised by thrice its current number.

The project is slated for completion by early 2013.