Approx: 384' x 257'

With grass trimmed to a perfect height, the field is an ideal location for filmings of all kinds especially soccer and football scripts. We can paint the field according to your script, special logos or time period markings.

Locker Room

48' x 112'

The locker rooms are a great place to film any sort of “locker room” scene for any movie and commercial. They are really spacious and are kept in excellent condition.

The lockers are up-to-date with all amenities such as wi-fi, 11 plasma screen tvs, and 5 game clocks.


Capture the moment before players rush the field in one of our many tunnels. We have two player tunnels in the south end zone measuring 8' 2" tall by 24' wide, two access tunnels in north end zone measuring 7' 6" tall by 6' wide, and 28 tunnels leading into the stands. South end zone tunnel height can be increased upon request. The Rose Bowl Stadium has 32 total tunnels leading to the field/and or stands.


From the upscale lounge, to the premium seating areas, to the VIP Suites, it can easily accommodate any modern stadium or restaurant scene. The view of the field is impeccable providing for great aerial shots.

Court of Champions

Upper Area (Approx) concrete 62’ x 112’ & Lower Area (Approx) asphalt 100’ x 125’

The historic Court of Champions is the home to many galas, dinners, and staging areas making it a versatile area to film. With the world-reknown Rose Bowl neon sign in the backdrop, viewers can surely recognize the setting of the film or commercial.

Parking Lots

With the beauty of the green Pasadena neighborhoods in the backdrop the three parking lots are very popular for outdoor and open air scenes. In varying sizes, they can host large or small crews.

B- 190,000 sq. ft
F- 453,500 sq. ft
K- 490,000 sq. ft
Pricing - please contact the events department at 626-577-3100 for the most up to date rates.

Offsite Parking Location Scouts

If you are planning to film nearby consider one of our large parking lots for parking your crew and housing your base camp. Parking rates are $15/vehicle per day, $25/truck per day, and $500/day for a base camp. We are convenient to the 134 and 210 freeways and just a short drive to downtown Pasadena.